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Creating a Mindful Workplace

Many of the best companies, large and small, have adopted mindfulness to improve their workplaces. While mindfulness has roots in many different spiritual and contemplative practices, it is utilized in the business environment as a completely secular practice that, when done properly, can reduce stress, increase productivity, improve focus, boost creativity, and make people more accepting and tolerant, improving diversity and inclusion.



How That Happened Podcast from Hogan Taylor

October 2, 2022 - In this episode, David discusses what mindfulness is and how it impacts leaders in business. His philosophy is based on the commitment to wholeness, investing in yourself and others, and owning the results. He speaks on how organizations and employers can integrate mindfulness into their leadership to collaborate more effectively and achieve greater outcomes. McLaughlin also breaks down his candid thoughts on how to handle “quiet quitters” and employees who aren’t performing as well as they usually do.


OKHR Leads Podcast

October 4, 2021 - In this episode we discuss HR, training, personal care, flexibility, change management, drugs, rock and roll and so much more.


David's Music

In addition to being a business coach, David is a recording artist who performs blues classics. He records album projects in Nashville with some of the greatest musicians in the country.

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